Over the year DANGO & DIENENTHAL INDIA has manufactured and put into service many machines / equipments including system for steel plant applications. Our key area for services are commissioning of supplied equipments / system at customer works including turnkey jobs. DANGO & DIENENTHAL INDIA is also specialised in reconditioning of the equipments such as Mobile Transport Manipulator, Handling Equipments, Clay Gun and Tap Hole Drill and many more. Reconditioning of equipments are carried out by DANGO & DIENENTHAL INDIA specialised technicians at DANGO & DIENENTHAL INDIA work shop and the machines are brought to the normal trouble free working condition by carrying out various test.

DANGO & DIENENTHAL INDIA personnel pertains training of customerís people during commissioning of the equipment at site, in the various fields like maintenance of Hydraulic System, Up - keeping of machine and Operation etc.
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